Dark Skies Poster Is For The Birds

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Dark Skies is something of a puzzle. The film has both supernatural and science fiction elements, and looks to be part alien invasion, part possession story. Watching the trailers and TV spots, there are clips look horrendous and cheesy, but other pieces look like they might very well cause some legitimate frights.

One bit that has high potential for scares is the animals acting strange. When J.K. Simmons asks stars Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton if they’ve seen any unusual behavior in the local wildlife, it then cuts to a clip where bunch of birds star pelting the living room window. That’s eerie as all hell. A new British quad poster for Dark Skies, which debuted over at Empire, latches onto this particular element.


The poster is simple, but effective. You see what appears to be a row of idyllic suburban homes at dusk, only one is surrounded by a swarm of looming shadows. That’s the whole set-up for Dark Skies: everything seems perfect for Lacy and Daniel Barrett (Russell and Hamilton, respectively). When a sinister alien force enters their home, things unravel quickly. The deadly being or entity takes over their young son, and generally disrupts the normal flow of their daily lives. Estranged from their neighbors, and with nowhere else to turn, the Barretts have no choice but to stand up to their tormentor.

Writer/director Scott Stewart is best known for bigger-budget fare like Priest and Legion. Produced by Blumhouse Productions, most famous for the Paranormal Activity films, Dark Skies has significantly more monetary restraints. It’ll be interesting to see how he operates within tighter parameters.

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