Dan Aykroyd Has Plans For Ghostbusters 4, But What About Ghostbusters 3?

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

For years Dan Aykroyd has been feverishly working to make Ghostbusters 3 happen. For a short time earlier this year, it looked like it just might. A few months ago, Sony halted production of Ghostbusters 3 due to “enormous financial troubles.” But somehow Aykroyd now feels like Ghostbusters 3 is now closer than ever to getting made.

In an interview with Esquire, Aykroyd voiced his optimism for Ghostbusters 3. He also revealed his plans for a possible Ghostbusters 4 and more future Ghostbusters movies. Someone should tell Aykroyd that he has to actually complete Ghostbusters 3 before going on to the next movie. Aykroyd stated,

[B]ecause of the ever-shifting sands and nature of the motion-picture business, I will just say that hopefully, at some point, it will be morphing into what is known in the business as a ‘production number XP39789. Then I will begin to rent cars, get hotel rooms, and bill for writing. But that point hasn’t come. All my work has been gratis to this point, as Ivan [Reitman]’s has, and I’m hoping that I can get that production number set up in L.A. and help everyone bring the movie to fruition, as the originator and creator of the concept.

Aykroyd’s plans for Ghostbusters 4 would involve a new team of Ghostbusters taking a trip to hell, presumably to bust ghosts. There were rumors a few years ago that the third Ghostbusters film would involve the classic Ghostbusters team passing the torch to a new team, but it looks like that would be what the fourth movie would be about. Aykroyd continued,

Man-hell-ttan, and the Ghostbusters in Hell would be so solid. But we gotta get maybe one or two made before that.

If this is the premise of the proposed Ghostbusters 4, then what’s Ghostbusters 3 going to be about. Ghostbusters 3 has been on life support since 1993 and it’s time to either make the movie or pull the plug. Ghostbusters 3 is nowhere in sight and as every year passes by, it looks like the movie will never happen.

Someone should really have a talk with Dan Aykroyd about moving on to another project. Maybe he could start talking about a possible Blues Brothers 3 movie, where the old Blues Brothers pass the torch to a new team.

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