Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Could Start Shooting As Soon As Early 2014

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

GhostbustersCan we all give Dan Aykroyd an “A” for effort? The last time we heard any developments about Ghostbusters 3, Sony had put the film on hiatus because of the “enormous financial troubles” the movie studio have been experiencing as of late. It hasn’t seemed to shake Dan Aykroyd, who still believes Ghostbusters 3 will be a reality one day. The big question is, does anyone else share his enthusiasm?

In an interview with ABC News, Dan Aykroyd talks about the phantom Ghostbusters project, and says the new film will start shooting early next year. Apparently, there are new writers working on the script, and they’re taking a new scientific approach to the new material. Aykroyd says:

I feel re-encouraged, reinvigorated by the pages that I have seen. I know that we’re expecting half of the screenplay to be completed very soon. It should be into production by the fall and be shooting by the new year. I won’t say anything, it’s very exciting. The Higgs boson and the particle theories, gluons and mesons, that really gives us a scientific base in terms of our fictional storytelling, to open up to another dimension and have something horrible come through.

It sounds like Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis are still involved with the project, and Aykroyd still hopes that Bill Murray will return to the world of Ghostbusters. Aykroyd continues:

We’re going to really put it into ninth gear, in this third one. It’s going to be very, very exciting. I’ve been more encouraged than I ever have been. It sounds real now. We’ve got a sharp new writer on it, Ivan (Reitman) is on it, Harold (Ramis) is on it, I’m on it. And if I can put the catch-net on Billy [Murray] and bring him in, it will be wonderful, if he decides to do it. There will always be a hole for him.

Production was slated for summer 2013 before Sony put the breaks on Ghostbusters 3, and at this point, Dan Aykroyd appears to be one of the few people who are very vocal about this movie happening. It’s like the project only continues because of Dan Aykroyd’s mighty will to make it happen.

If nothing else, you can enjoy the continuing adventures of the Ghostbusters in IDW’s comics and the surprisingly good video game from a few years back.