Dallas Comic-Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery: Tribbles And Kaiju And Daleks, Oh My!

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

WaldoThe Dallas Comic-Con was in full swing over the weekend, and since Dallas is right in my neck of the woods, I strapped on some comfortable shoes, grabbed a jumbo-size water bottle, and ventured to the Dallas Convention Center to see what I could see. The guest list included tons of geek-beloved note-worthies such as the casts of Firefly and Star Trek: The Next Generation; Stan Lee; Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd; several folks from The Walking Dead; and, er, Judge Reinhold. I was mainly interested in checking out the Firefly reunion panel (which was awesome), but there was plenty to see and do. Hell, there was even a Giant Freakin’ Robot greeting me as I waited for the train to the convention center, and that had to be a good sign!


Of course, a bit part of any fan convention is the cosplayers, and they were in fine form. There were all the usual Stormtroopers and Trekkers and superheroes, but the real standouts were the folks who had put some creativity into coming up with something you haven’t seen done a thousand times before. This gent’s “Trouble”-some attire was hands down my favorite.


And in keeping with the weekend’s Firefly fixation, this trio were easily the first runners up.


Sadly, my hunt for a zombified version of The Walking Dead‘s Carl proved futile, but his dad has definitely seen better days…


Godzilla himself was even making the rounds, no doubt celebrating his domination of the box office over the weekend. Somehow I thought he’d be taller.


You can check out more of our favorites in the gallery below, or head over to the Dallas Comic Con’s Facebook page to dive into the rest.