The Daleks Came By While You Were Out

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Oh, those crazy Daleks. You’d think they’d be busy trying to conquer the universe or exterminate all non-Dalek life forms or erase all fezzes and bowties from history, but no. They have indeed been busy little pepper pots of late, but their ambitions seem to have become a bit more, well, modest. Sure, they’ve tried to invade both MIT and Boulder, Colorado, but now they’ve apparently downgraded even further and are trying to invade individual residences. On the upside, though, they’re leaving behind very nice “while you were out” messages.

You just can’t buy courtesy like that these days, and goodness knows those lunk-headed Cybermen wouldn’t be nice enough to leave behind a “Sorry you weren’t here to be deleted” message.

The image has been going semi-viral today but the closest I’ve been able to come to finding a source of origin is this post by comic artist Jill Thompson. So, well done, whoever out there made the damn thing.

The Daleks may finally return to the business of being shouty cosmic bullies during Doctor Who‘s next season, because the aliens are rumored to be making a big return.