The Dalek Desk Defender Keeps People From Messing With Your Stuff

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Are you tired of people creeping up on your unattended computer, writing stupid messages on your open Facebook account, and hiding random swear words in your most important documents? You could take measures to increase your security, but that’s boring and takes too much time. What if you could just get one of Doctor Who’s greatest enemies to hang out around your desk and exterminate all of those lurkers?

That’s right, now you can use this Dalek Desk Defender to stand guard over your computer when you’re not around. Whether at home or the office, this little guy senses motion from six to nine feet away, and, depending on the setting, will light up and yell at the intruder. See it in action below.

With four settings, the Dalek Desk Defender is the ideal choice to protect your workstation from prying eyes and jerks looking to “borrow” your stuff. There’s an off mode; an LED only function, which features lights but no sound; and the full-go mode, with the fully engaged motion sensor, flashing lights, and screaming robotic voice.

The Dalek Desk Defender features four terrifying sound effects to drive away unwanted visitors. There are both the hover and gun sound effects, “Time, Jump, Imminent Repair”… and what kind of Dalek would it be if it didn’t yell “Exterminate?” All you need is a computer to connect to, as this plugs into any USB port, and comes with a four-foot USB cord, for maximum protection.

The best part about the Dalek Desk Defender? It can be yours for only $24.99. Just in time for the holidays, or a maybe a little Christmas present for yourself.

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