Daft Punk Tribute Art Show Includes Bright Colors, Slave Leia, And Robot Heads

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

DPThe French duo Daft Punk has been cashing in on sci-fi chic for almost two decades now, accompanying their electronic music stylings with a pair of sleek robot helmets that add that certain sense of mystery. And also suggest that they’re just one fried circuit away from attempting to kill all humans. Both their robotic alter egos and their musical style made them the perfect pick to score Tron: Legacy, a partnership that resulted in a movie that worked better as a pure audiovisual experience than it did as a story (and I was pretty okay with that). Now an upcoming art show is paying tribute to Daft Punk’s unique style.

“Daft Punk Deux” is due (ahem) to open tomorrow, May 31, at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco. You can read the official description of the show below, and we’re including a few of our favorite works from the show as well, for those of you who aren’t within driving, hitchhiking, or catapulting distance of San Fran.

Mike Bell

Image by Mike Bell

Gauntlet Gallery is proud to present Daft Punk Deux, its second annual art exhibit inspired by the French electronic music duo. Last year Daft Punk released its first studio album in eight years, Random Access Memories, winning five Grammys in 2014 including Album of the Year, as well as Record of the Year for ‘Get Lucky.’ This year’s art exhibit will feature works by over 40 painters, sculptors, digital and screen print artists, each of whom has created an original work of art inspired by Daft Punk.

With their modern disco sound and blend of house, funk, electronic and techno music, Daft Punk puts on one of the world’s most popular DJ performances. The artwork created for this show draws inspiration from Daft Punk’s music videos, extraordinary visuals of their live performances, and their robot personas.

Gauntlet Gallery’s ‘Daft Punk Deux’ debuts on May 31st with an opening night reception from 7pm to 10pm. The show will be on view until June 24th, 2014. Located at 1040 Larkin Street in San Francisco, Gauntlet Gallery’s hours are 1-7pm Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment.


Image by Boneface

Chase Tafoya

Image by Chase Tafoya

Craig Drake

Image by Craig Drake

Dan Almasy

Image by Dan Almasy

Andre De Freitas

Image by Andre De Freitas

Fab Ciraolo

Image by Fab Ciraolo