Dad Builds Millennium Falcon Sled, Backyard Becomes Hoth

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

We may be nearing the tail end of the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year’s snowfall. Assuming, of course, that you live someplace where it snows regularly, or you have ready access to a nearby mountain range. If you do live in one of these places — or, perhaps, on the remote, ice-covered planet of Hoth — you might want to consider acquiring a sled like this custom job, shaped like Han Solo’s beloved Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.


These photos come courtesy of Wired’s GeekDad. Every year reader Sean Murray’s (presumably not the guy from NCIS, but who knows) employer puts on a winter carnival, and teams of coworkers compete against each other in a human dogsled races on sleds they have to build themselves. His team’s theme was Star Wars, so the choice must have been pretty obvious.

As much as everyone went gaga over his creation, the best part for Murray was that he got to have some Star Wars snow fun time with his daughter. That’s a cool dad, right there, no pun intended. The body of Murray’s Falcon was constructed from cardboard and then mounted on a plastic toboggan. I wonder how much ground this bad boy can cover in 12 parsecs?

There must be some sort of connection between the snow and Star Wars. When we were kids, driving around, any time it snowed we always made a joke that we were about to make the jump to hyperspace.