The CW’s iZombie Gets A Brainy Trailer And A Premiere Date

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

We’ve dedicated a lot of space here on GFR to discussing Syfy’s ambitious attempts to rehabilitate its image, not to mention networks such as HBO and AMC embracing small-screen science fiction with projects like Foundation, Westworld, and Humans. But even though it rarely gets the same attention as more “prestigious” networks, The CW has been churning out hugely entertaining genre fare for ages now and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s pleasant surprises like The 100 or the small-screen DC universe unfolding in Arrow and The Flash, The CW has quietly become one of the more reliable sources of solid sci-fi and fantasy on TV. Now it’s getting ready to add another potential winner to its slate: the horror/comedy iZombie, which promises to be a lot of fun based on this first trailer:

If the trailer still hasn’t won you over, I have two words for you: Rob Thomas. No, not the Matchbox 20 guy, the other one — the guy who created Veronica Mars, another ostensibly “teen” show that managed to become an instant cult classic thanks to whip-smart writing and a career-defining performance by Kristen Bell as the titular girl detective. Considering that Thomas also gave us the hugely underrated Starz comedy Party Down, iZombie has a guaranteed slot on my DVR when it premieres on Tuesday, March 17.

iZombie is actually based on the Vertigo comic series created by Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred. It stars Rose McIver as Olivia “Liv” Moore, a coroner’s office worker who has developed an unfortunate case of death — or undeath, rather. Thankfully she can maintain her good looks and pass for the living so long as she regularly chows down on somebody’s grey matter…and her job provides a steady supply of braaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnsss. Her addiction has a peculiar side effect, however: she absorbs the corpse’s memories. And because TV shows do love a procedural element, she winds up trying to help solve the crimes that landed her buffet of victims on a slab in the first place.

One interesting element that pops up in the trailer is the presence of David Anders — who you might recognize from Alias, Heroes, and a ton of other stuff — as an as-yet-unidentified male who appears to share Liv’s affliction and dietary predilections. Love interest? Love interest. And they can swap recipes!

If iZombie looks like delicious brain food to you, you could always dive into the comic series in the meantime. In fact, you can check out the first issue for less than a buck at Comixology. If you like the cut of its jib, you can grab the entire 28-issue run of the Eisner-winning series ran for right around fifty bucks.

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