Time-Travel Musical And Dystopian Romance Shows Coming To CW Network

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

It’s that time of year when optimistic networks start ordering pilots they hope will be the “next big thing” in the Fall. CW is already working on a Sex and the City prequel and Green Arrow adaptation for next season, and has now ordered a couple of science fiction-related pilots: Joey Dakota and The Selection.

Joey Dakota is a “romantic time travel musical” helmed by JJ Abrams, based on the Israeli show Danny Hollywood. In the show, a documentary filmmaker looking into the tragic early death of a rockstar in the 1990s finds herself transported back in time to before he dies. And, of course, the two fall in love. It’s a bit strange that the 1990s is now fair game for time travel (Danny Hollywood took its time traveling heroine back to the 1960s), but the premise itself isn’t terrible as long as it doesn’t slip too far into romantic sentimentality.

The Selection is based on an upcoming book series by Kiera Cass and will be written and executive produced by Angel and Dollhouse alums Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. Set in a politically unstable landscape 300 years in the future, the story centers on a young woman who is selected via lottery to compete against 34 other girls for a chance to rise above the caste system and marry the prince. Entertainment Weekly’s source describes The Selection as “The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor”, but the description (and cover art) over at the authors website makes it sound more the latter than the former. Sure, both The Selection and The Hunger Games have to do with lotteries and are set in dystopic futures with sharp socioeconomic divides, but it sounds like the romance is the primary focus in The Selection.

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