Custom-Built TARDIS Living Room

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Do you have an extra room that you don’t need, one that’s just sitting there, waiting for you to do something awesome and incredibly geeky with it? Here’s something fun to consider doing with that extra space: you can always build a replica of the control room of Doctor Who’s preferred mode of transportation, the TARDIS.

That’s exactly what Deviantartist, and Doctor Who enthusiast, crazyfoalrus did with some unused space in his home. Check out these photos.

He painted the floor, constructed the center console, and rigged all of the electrical and lighting setups.

It definitely helps that one of the rooms in the house was already hexagonal. That definitely helps cut down on the construction time and budget. He also had all of the wood lying around, and he works at a factory with lots of random crap they’re getting rid of, crap which he then apparently stapled to the walls.

You know it must be pretty awesome to live inside of a phone-booth time machine. Granted, this doesn’t look like the inside of any phone booth I’ve ever been in, but what the hell, when was the last time any of us used a pay phone anyway?

As far as I see it, there are two ways people will react to this. Either your friends come over, immediately recognize what you’ve done, and get stoked, or else others (thinking parents) will come in and cast disparaging, vaguely superior looks at you, and then talk shit about you behind your back.

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