What Does This Cryptic Predator Image Mean? [Updated]

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

PredatorCould a new snarling, dreadlocked alien hunter be on the way to stalk us through the jungles using advanced thermal imaging technology? It certainly looks like that is a possibility. With San Diego Comic-Con looming large over the end of this week, an interesting little tidbit hit the Internet, and it seems to indicate we could hear some Predator related news in the not so distant future.

The official Facebook page for Nimrod Antal’s 2010 sci-fi actioner Predators just posted an interesting new image. An overhead shot of a few square blocks of San Diego, with the words “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die…” superimposed over the map, and a hashtag that reads #HuntthePredator, this picture certainly seems to indicate that there’s impending news, and that it will have something to do with “America’s Finest City.” That quote is from the original 1987 John McTiernan film, uttered by Billy (Sonny Landham) as the titular alien tracks Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of commandos through the dense, Central American jungle.

We can all infer from this image that there will be some sort of Predator related news at Comic-Con. That much is pretty apparent. What this news will be, however, is something else entirely, and the most fun part to speculate about. Ideally what this means is that we’ll get an announcement about new addition to the Predator franchise, but there are other options as well.

Predators was a damn lot of fun. Antal, and genre aficionado Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, The Faculty), who produced the film, turned in a solid sequel, and I’d love to see them have another go at it. Hell, the more room we can put between us and the abysmal Alien Vs. Predator films, the better. And I won’t call it a masterpiece, but I have a special place of love in my heart for the 1990 Predator 2, where the aliens return to pick off gang bangers in a futuristic Los Angeles. Gary Busey somehow seems most at home when there are aliens around.

A follow up to Predators wouldn’t be a huge surprise. The movie raked in more than $125 million worldwide, which aren’t astounding numbers, but with a modest budget of $40 million, isn’t a bad return on your investment. Rodriguez has occasionally made noises about a sequel since the film first dropped. I don’t think it would shock anyone if that turns out to be the case, and a new film is in the works.

We are talking about Comic-Con, which would make it an ideal situation to announce a new Predator comic book. Or what about the potential for a new videogame? It wouldn’t be the first foray into either format for Predator, a franchise that has numerous games and funny books under its belt. Either of these also seem like they could be viable possibilities. Whatever the news, we’ll just have to wait and see, but things at Comic-Con just got a little more interesting.


According to Hero Complex, this image is to tease an upcoming release of Predator on 3D Blu-ray. That’s underwhelming news if I’ve ever heard it.-Brent

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