Help Crowdfund Post-Apocalyptic Submarine Comedy The Fitzroy

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Do you like fun, inventive sci-fi films? Do you want to help one get made? Good, well now is your chance to lend a hand to the making of one. A team of British filmmakers have set out to produce a feature-length motion picture called The Fitzroy. It’s a little bit post-apocalyptic black comedy, a little bit murder mystery, and a little bit period piece.

The problem is, movies cost money to make, and team Fitrzoy doesn’t have much. That’s where you come in. Check out their crowd-funding video to learn more about the project. There’s a creepy retro monkey.

Set in an alternate, post-apocalyptic 1950s where a haze of poisonous gas covers the Earth, people still want to go for their annual seaside holiday. The Fitzroy Hotel is a leaky derelict submarine that serves as the last vestige of this once-prevalent summertime tradition.

Bernard is the hotel’s bellboy/cook/jack-of-all-trades. When he falls for Sonya, a guest with a dark secret—she likes to get super murder-y from time to time—his life takes a hectic turn. Between being in love and hiding the string of corpses Sonya leaves in her wake, Bernard begins to neglect his duties, and the hotel literally begins to sink around them. Whatever is a young man to do?

Described as “Fawlty Towers on a submarine,” The Fitzroy sounds like it will be blast when it gets made.

Your donations will go to a variety of causes, all of which will help director Andrew Harmer and company shoot the film. Things like power to run lights, food for the crew, costumes, props, and all the other incidental expenses a movie accrues, are where this money is headed.

And you can get prizes. Seriously, who doesn’t love prizes? Give money and you’ll get all manner of cool Fitzroy swag, like posters, you as an animated character, and a post-apocalyptic beach survival kit. Donate enough and they’ll even list you as a producer, with your very own IMDb credit. What a deal.

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