This Critters Short Film Is Almost Too Good To Be True

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

Though never one of the most popular or quotable sci-fi horrors of the 1980s, Stephen Herek’s 1986 flick Critters is still a solid, intentionally goofy creature feature. (Though the same can’t be said for its lackluster sequels.) In any case, the professionally shot fan-made film, Critters: Bounty Hunter, seen below, is a reminder that not all reimaginings need to suck balls. Cut the lights, grab the Pasta Roni and check it out.

Unlike a lot of the other fan projects we showcase here on Giant Freakin’ Robot, Critters: Bounty Hunter actually has a solid purpose. It was announced earlier this year that Warner Brothers put into development a digital production company called Blue Ribbon Content that is moving forward with a web series reboot of Critters (along with a slew of other interesting projects) written by Teen Titans‘ Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath. Jordan Downey, the director of such low-budget schlock like ThanksKilling and ThanksKilling 3, is using this short film to try and put himself in the running for the job. And if the choice was mine, he’d already have it.

Everything about Critters: Bounty Hunter looks amazing, from the main character’s badass glowing skull and big gun to the Critter himself (or herself, as it were). Everything in the frame is sharp as a tack, and even the stunt work, though severely lacking a budget, still looks better than many of the low-budget horror films I watched this year. Or any year. Just look at this head.

critters bounty hunter
“I’m pretty light-headed. Get it?!?”
According to Downey’s YouTube description, the short was made in less than two months, and with only six people total getting shit done, from writing the simple-but-effective story to accomplishing all of the effects and puppet work. Get six of my friends together and we can’t even watch a movie successfully, much less create one from scratch. And it even has a couple of laughs.

For comparison’s sake, let’s take a look at the trailer for 2009’s ThanksKilling to fully appreciate just how far Downey has come in a few short years.

Whether he gets the job on the Critters web series or not, here’s hoping Downey can use this short to get himself work on bigger projects…like a Ghoulies remake.

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