Creature Feature Grabbers Unleashes New U.S. Trailer And Retro Poster

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Irish horror-comedy Grabbers is finally making landfall in the U.S. next month. On July 19, you’ll finally be able to feast your eyes on the drunken monster feature in theaters and on VOD. Building up to the release, we now have a new U.S. trailer and an awesome new poster, both of which are a damn fine time.

In the coastal Irish fishing enclave of Erin Island, strange things are afoot. A handful of fisherman go missing, a bunch of whale corpses wash up on the beach, and then there are the murders. That’s what brings the police attention from the mainland, and two incompatible cops — a drunken local buffoon and his uptight, rules-and-regulations-spouting partner from outside — must get to the bottom of it. Turns out there are bunch of many-tentacled alien creatures on the loose, sucking blood, killing folks, and generally making a mess of the quiet village.

That’s a promising enough premise in its own right, but there’s one hell of a kicker. There’s only one way to defeat the monsters: booze. Tainting your blood with alcohol makes you poisonous to them, so in order to survive, you must get drunk, so very, very drunk. This is my kind of horror movie.

The trailer captures the manic mayhem and entertainment of the film, and that retro ’50s-style poster is good companion piece to this throwback creature feature. This definitely feels like something you’d see as part of a double feature on a Saturday night at the drive-in.

On a side note, I would totally buy a beer based on nothing more than a label that prominently features a squidgy, Cthulhu-like creature. I’ve bought them for far, far less. And remember, sobriety kills. Words to live by.

Grabbers Poster

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