This Crazy-Ass Walking Dead Fan Video Has Daryl In Search Of A Mythical Crossbow

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

This might be the most awesome thing you see all day. While that sounds like hyperbole, I’m completely serious. This is pretty damn sweet. Thirteen-year-old Nick Mastrangelo is a budding 8th grade animator. He’s also, as you can see from this video, a rather large fan of AMC’s zombie drama, The Walking Dead.

One of his latest creations is a part zombie, part Indiana Jones, animated musical adventure starring none other than Daryl Dixon himself (ably portrayed by Norman Reedus on the television program). Hopefully that’s enough to make you watch this, but even if it doesn’t, you still need to check it out. It’s totally worth four and a half minutes of your life, and it will make you want to pump your fists and kill a bunch of walkers.

Looking at Daryl on The Walking Dead, with that shit-kicking redneck smirk constantly twisting his lips, this is exactly what I imagine going on in his head. Especially the flames and the heavy metal. Riding his badass chopper down the highway, poncho blowing in the wind, crossbow strapped to his back, this is the music he hears.

And from there it gets even more out of control. After laying waste to a bunch of undead bastards, Daryl finds a map to a legendary crossbow inside of a dead squirrel. That’s one hell of a genius hiding place. Most of us wouldn’t think to look for a treasure map inside a furry, nut-hoarding animal.

When super-zombies start jumping out of the ground, this video starts to feel like you’re watching an old-school NES game.

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