Couple Vows To Love Doctor Who (And Each Other) Forever

By Joelle Renstrom | 7 years ago

Doctor Who engagementIf you could create your dream wedding — and I’m talking all the geeky indulgences you might hesitate to admit even to the person you’re about to marry — what would it be like? How far would you go to celebrate your favorite show, book, or characters while remembering that the day is supposed to be a celebration of love and commitment?

Who says you can’t have both?

Laurie Brannon and Justin Gregg of South Carolina decided to celebrate their love for Doctor Who, and for each other, with this “the Doctor comes to Greenville” engagement shoot. Justin does a pretty good David Tennant, while Laurie impersonates Rose Tyler. Apparently, Laurie’s dad built the phenomenal TARDIS they pose in and around.

These two are attentive to detail! They’ve even got the sonic screwdriver and other props.

That must have been a welcome change of pace for Davey Morgan Photography — it sure beats the cutesy, boring stock photos of couples feeding each other cake. They even had some fun photoshopping the TARDIS.

And, of course, their wedding will also feature the TARDIS. Hopefully someone will pop out of it at some point, and hopefully it won’t be a Dalek. Although that would be the best kind of wedding drama.

As you might imagine, the photo shoot got a lot of attention from admiring (and likely jealous) passersby. The Greenville News even came out and shot some video.

You know what they say: the couple that watches Doctor Who together, stays together anytime, anywhere. I can’t wait to see what they name their kids!

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