Great Scott! Back To The Future Engagement Photoshoot

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Knock my logic if you want, but I have an idea about how true love works. True love doesn’t begin in a bar, spurred by a charitable alcoholic drink, and it doesn’t spawn from physical first impressions. True love begins when you see someone else wearing a T-shirt for a band that you love that no one else knows about, or when someone anonymously finishes your Ghostbusters quote. It doesn’t exist as a balance of compromises, and shouldn’t be falsified just “to keep the kids happy.” We only have one shot on this planet, and we deserve to spend it with someone not just accepted, but cherished. Even if that person is dressed up as a 50-year-old wacko scientist.


Soon-to-be-married couple Jarret and Abbie went back to the past for a clever Back to the Future engagement photo shoot. Inspired by one of their favorite movies, the couple found an Atlanta-based car owner who rents out his DeLorean for fans to use in photos. The next step was hiring their friend Eric Cash from Shift-4 Photography to do the work. (Quick nerd alert: Cash = money sign = Shift 4 on a computer keyboard.) Then a trip to the Goodwill store to land some killer knock-off duds to play the parts, and the concept reached fruition.

Because Abbie is in medical school, she decided Doc Brown was a better fit than Jennifer. It’s the least homoerotic way to get Marty and Doc together I can think of, and they look happy doing it. Congratulations to the couple, and I can only hope Biff doesn’t crash the wedding.

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