Continuum’s Future Is In Limbo And May Be The Next Sci-Fi Casualty

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

ContinuumOver the course of three seasons, Continuum has quietly become one of best science fiction shows on your TV. Season three left the series on a big time cliffhanger, but since then we’ve heard almost nothing. This is primarily due to an announcement about the renewal, or lack thereof, for the series that has become long, long overdue. To point that people are starting to worry about the future of the time travel series and it becoming yet another in a long line of fantastic sci-fi shows that leave fans far before their time.

Though the show airs on Syfy in the U.S., but it airs on and is produced by Showcase in Canada. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, which is kind of like a gray, overcast, more polite Hollywood of the north, part of the reason for this delay is the shifting landscape in the Canadian film business. A show like Continuum, with a decent amount of special effects and big set pieces, is an expensive proposition, and according to producers the show is “in limbo” while they try to find a “financial formula” that will allow the show to remain economically viable. If that sounds worrisome, that’s because it is.

Syfy has been the U.S. distributor for Continuum, but it doesn’t sound like they have any interest in picking up a larger portion of the tab for the series, or just bankrolling the whole shebang. Network executive Ted A’Zary tweeted this late last month:

It definitely sounds like, if Showcase doesn’t pick up the series again, that will be the end. While this isn’t quite a cancellation, the news does list towards the dire side. But it isn’t over yet. Producers have been pushing for a renewal all along, and, as with many sci-fi properties, there is a passionate, vocal fan base, and they’ve been yelling as loudly as possible using the #RenewContinuum hashtag. So if you want to cast your proverbial vote, that’s one way to you can go about it.

ContinuumHopefully if there’s enough support Showcase will renew the series. It would suck to have another bold, smart science fiction show added to the ever-growing list of those that have been cancelled far too soon. It was just starting to hit its stride and making everyone realize the potential for greatness in the very near future. It’s in very real danger of becoming one more sci-fi series that leaves fans in the lurch, dangling off a jagged precipice. We don’t need another casualty, we just need more quality sci-fi. There is always the possibility another outlet could pick up the pieces, but that’s never a sure thing, and it never feels like shows are the same after that.

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