Continuum Producer Teases Season Two’s Themes Of Destiny And Control

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


In a network landscape always depressingly free of good science fiction, it’s always awesome when something good manages to not only make it to air, but make it to a second season. The Canadian time-travel cop thriller Continuum originally aired up north last summer, and it recently migrated to Syfy, just wrapping up its run this past Monday. If you’re been enjoying the adventures of time-tossed future cop Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), the good news is that its second season premieres next month in Canada, and it will presumably make its way down here on Syfy at some later date. In the meantime, show creator Simon Barry is dishing some details on what to expect from season two.

Speaking to TV Overmind (which is an excellent name for a website, by the way), Barry revealed that the show’s sophomore season will deal heavily with themes of destiny, control, and power. Take it away, Simon:

I can certainly say that we get to play a lot of the relationships of the characters out in a way that we didn’t get to do in season one. There’s a lot of dynamics at play and now everyone has stakes in this game and as those stakes become chips that can be played everyone has a point of view as to how they can best take care of themselves and control their own destiny. Information comes to light, people make alliances, people split up and break connections and a lot of the positioning of these characters comes down to how they’re gonna control not only their lives in the present but also in the future. Control and power are two themes that run heavily through season two.

I can also tell you that season two’s story picks up very shortly after season one. There is a bit of time that’s passed but not a lot and it’s certainly not enough that anything’s been reset. I think it would be cruel and inhuman of me to make the audience wait very long to find out what Alec’s season ending message to Keira was about so we’re not gonna make the audience wait.

If you haven’t checked out Continuum yet, Nichols plays a cop from the year 2077, a time when national governments have given way to megacorporations that run the planet. When a group of rebels/terrorists (depending on your point of view) transport themselves back to the year 2012, Kiera is inadvertently dragged back with them. Trapped in our present, Kiera joins forces with the young version of a powerful man from her future, both working to capture or kill the escaped rebels, to prevent them from rewriting “history,” and to find a way to return Kiera home to her family.

The show has already touched on larger questions such as whether events in our present truly alter the future, or create a new offshoot timeline. Now that the show has effectively established the world and characters, it should be very interesting to see how it develops in season two. We’ll keep you posted about a U.S. airdate once we hear anything.