Continuum Actor Victor Webster Talks Time Travel And Riding The Edge Of The Real

By Joelle Renstrom | 7 years ago


Even though Syfy has been doing its best to reform their tarnished image by greenlighting tons of promising new science fiction programming, they have had one ace in the hole for a while now: the time travel drama Continuum. Syfy’s been importing Continuum for American audiences since 2012, and even better, it’s a show that, by most accounts, has improved dramatically over that time. With Continuum currently eight episodes into its third season on Syfy, GFR’s Joelle Renstrom got the chance to talk to actor Victor Webster, who plays time traveling cop Kiera Cameron’s (Rachel Nichols) modern-day police partner, Carlos Fonnegra.

Are you a sci-fi fan? Were you one growing up?
Absolutely. I grew up devouring as much science fiction as I could. I watched Star Wars, Star Trek, other random, obscure shows. I think even now I’ve got a 12-year-old kid trapped in my brain who loves the thought of an alternate reality. I loved Avatar and am looking forward to the new Star Wars. Anything that takes me out of reality is fantastic, especially if it’s done well. I love all the gadgets and technologies of the future, to see where people think we can go.

Any character in particular that you relate to inspires you?
Han Solo, the wise-cracking rogue. He’s a perfect example of humor in the midst of danger. That’s something I always try to remember, especially in the Indiana Jones series. What a great role model for a leading man.

Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones: who would win?
Indiana Jones. He’s a dirtier fighter. Han is so used to using his weapons and his gun. I think Indiana Jones would find a way to win at any cost. But Han Solo’s got a dirty side as well. It’d be a good fight, but my money would be on Indiana Jones.

How do you think Continuum compares to other sci-fi shows?
It’s very smart — it doesn’t give you an opinion and makes you think for yourself. It gives you grey areas and you decide if that’s a positive or a negative. Two people who watch the show could have two different opinions about it. So it’s very interactive in that sense. It’s got really strong characters, the action is really well done — not just the fight scenes, but the overall intensity. It keeps the stakes really high. It also presents issues that could conceivably happen. It gives us something to think about: where our world is going, and our lives, and where we’re letting the government take us.

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