Conan O’Brien Responds To Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler Accusations With More Spoilers

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The subject of Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers has been a hot topic for months, and it certainly hasn’t been helped in recent days that the movie opened a week early in the U.K., meaning you’ve had to make a concerted effort to stay the hell away from internet comment threads if you wanted to go in unspoiled. It turns out that Conan O’Brien’s TBS show recently included what at least one website interpreted as a major spoiler bomb during a funny Trek-related video last week. We’ll explain the situation in full below, but first we’re going to focus on the way O’Brien addressed the subject after being called out on it by That response is the video above, which proves true that time-honored wisdom: one good accidental spoiler deserves a half-dozen fake ones.

At the bottom you can see the original Conan video that stirred up this ruckus, but be warned: unintentional or no, it may contain one great big giant


The problem isn’t even in the parody video itself, which riffs on the claim that some people might find the movie too dry or “inside baseball.” No, the sticking point comes after the meat of the video itself, when it begins running fake credits in which Benedict Cumberbatch is listed as You-Know-Who.

Intentional joke or accidental spoiler? Who cares, it’s still pretty funny, and it likely wouldn’t have been an issue if they didn’t stagger the release of the frickin’ movie, making it that much harder for fans to remain unspoiled until Into Darkness hits on Thursday.

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