Your Back To The Future-Inspired Wardrobe Won’t Be Complete Without These

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

back to the futureRemember 20 years ago when kids fighting over expensive shoes was almost a way of life? We’re entering a strange time in our culture where there may soon be similar battles, only with Back to the Future at the center of it all. Though there is a more decadent pair of light-up sneakers coming next year, you can now get the jump on owning your very own pair of Marty McFly’s most famous footwear. Hoverboard sadly not included.

Let’s get a few things clear right away. Unlike the power-laced shoes in the film, these don’t have power laces and they aren’t made by Nike, and they aren’t actually shoes. (Just kidding about that last part.) On the bright side, they are officially licensed by Universal Studios Licensing, so it’s not like some guy is selling them out of the back of his DeLorean or anything. Just don’t expect to see the swoosh symbol on the sides. Maybe you can add it yourself with a marker.

Sold through Halloween Costumes‘ website, the high tops use elastic in place of laces, and the strap is Velcro. Orange and blue lights are set into each shoe, and the pair comes with a USB cable to make charging quick and easy. The phrase “Can I use your computer to charge my shoe?” is finally about to enter the lexicon. Check them out below.

back to the futureTruth be told, that box catches my eye more than the shoes do. Oh, the magazine cutouts I could store in there. And now for the lit-up models.

back to the futureThe pair is fairly pricy and will set hardcore fans back a cool $98.99. Luckily, Halloween Costumes also sells the rest of McFly’s nifty clothing and accessories, so your investment can feed into a larger strategy. The logical conclusion at this point is going to the courthouse and legally changing your name to Marty, but for now, you can just wear the kicks.

Nike is reportedly putting out their own set of Back to the Future shoes in 2015, complete with working power laces. So if you want to skip this Halloween and hold out for what will be a more complete (and presumably much more expensive) package, you might luck out.

The shoe manufacturer already released 1,500 pairs a few years ago in a charity auction that raised over $6 million, with Ebay sales getting even more ridiculous. Watch Michael J. Fox showing the shoes off to David Letterman in the clip below.

What do you guys think? Are these worth a C-note, or would you rather just buy that Doc Brown costume for me instead?