Comic(s) Relief: Image Comics Launching Five New Sci-Fi Titles In 2014

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

8House is a science fiction/fantasy tale from Brandon Graham (Prophet) which will unfold as a set of three miniseries set in a shared universe. Graham will partner with writers Emma Rios and artists Xurxo Penalta, Marian Churchland, and Hwei Lim to bring the world of 8House to life.

First out the gate will be 8House: Kiem, written by Graham and drawn by Penalta. It’s the story of “a soldier who must project her mind into the body of her dead twin in order to fight monsters on a distant comet.” Next will come 8House: Arclight, written by Graham and with art by Churchland. It’s “the chilling story of a high-ranking lady of one of the houses who has her mind trapped in a monster’s body. She will soon learn that the monster trapped in her body has taken over her old life in her absence.” The third and final series is 8House: Mirror, this time with Rios writing and Hwei Lim providing the visuals.

Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson says:

Brandon Graham possesses one of the most irreverent creative minds in comics, which is what led me to tap him for the Prophet relaunch a couple years back. Brandon’s work on Prophet also revealed he has a keen eye for talent, so in addition to being one of the most creatively adventurous project we publish all year, 8House is also one of the most gorgeous.

All the 8House titles will release over the course of 2014.

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