Comic(s) Relief: Battlestar Galactica Gets A Steampunk Makeover This Summer

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

DreamPolice3Dream Police #3 (Image Comics)

In the Dreamscape, anything can happen. So when Katie begins investigating a case that threatens to get out of control, she realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew, raising the question: can Dream Police die? And if so, can she survive the darkness she has unwittingly unleashed? Meanwhile, Joe Thursday continues having flashes of memory concerning a former partner that neither he nor anyone else can remember. To solve this mystery, he will have to begin asking questions no one wants to answer…questions that threaten the very foundations of the Dreamscape.

FlashGordon3Flash Gordon #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

THE MAN FROM EARTH vs. THE BEAST-MEAN OF ARBORIA! Flash must be crushed in public, to prove all those who oppose Ming shall perish! Will Flash’s wits and wiles win the day, or might Ming massacre his menace? Full-throttle space epic action from dream team JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, Aquaman), EVAN SHANER (Adventures of Superman) and JORDIE BELLAIRE (Moon Knight)!

Fuse5Fuse #5 (Image Comics)

‘THE RUSSIA SHIFT,’ Part Five Two hobos murdered in cold blood. Homeless living in maintenance ducts. A high-flying mayor with a scandalous secret. Unreliable witnesses, lying suspects, and nothing but the cold vacuum of space outside. All in a day’s work for MCPD Homicide… 22,000 miles straight up. Welcome to the Fuse.

Ghostbusters17Ghostbusters #17 (IDW Publishing)

New York’s unknown dead are buried on Hart Island… and their spirits are about to be stirred, raised and conscripted into an army with but one purpose: raising chaos on the streets of Manhattan. The second half of Mass Hysteria! begins here in our celebration of 30 years of Ghostbusters!

Godzilla13Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #13 (IDW Publishing)

While Godzilla’s disappearance has brought calm to the planet, a threat from the past is set to resurface and take back the world they once had control over. No monster is safe and no future is certain as one of Godzilla’s greatest enemies prepares to return in a way nobody saw coming!

Guardians16Guardians of the Galaxy #16 (Marvel Comics)

Starlord on the run from a mysterious new adversary- alone without the aid of the Guardians!

HALOEsc7Halo: Escalation #7 (Dark Horse)

’The Fall of New Phoenix’ — eight months ago, an attack on Earth left seven million dead, including the family of Spartan Gabriel Thorne. Today the city has been opened from quarantine, and Thorne is going home to see what’s left . . . and what it has to do with the Master Chief.

MarsAttacksMars Attacks: First Born #2 (IDW Publishing)

Post-invasion, an abandoned earth-born Martian was taken in by Uncle Woody and his blind niece. But the infant isn’t the only Martian still here… and the others are much more warlike, especially when they learn of the baby’s location amidst the human survivors.

MEFound12Mass Effect: Foundation #12 (Dark Horse)

When Thane is given a chance at redemption, will he be able to overcome his blood-soaked past as a killer in order to have a chance at a new life?

Massive24Massive #24 (Dark Horse)

Since the very start, Mary’s been a mystery at best — and at worst, an unstable and potentially dangerous presence. With the Kapital waiting off the coast of Morocco, and signs that perhaps the Crash was only a prelude to something bigger, the secrecy surrounding Mary starts to reveal itself.

Pariah5Pariah #5 (Dark Horse)

Lila captains the Vitros’ ongoing struggle for survival in orbit, while a young, homesick Vitro, Shelley, daydreams of returning to Earth.

Saga20Saga #20 (Image Comics)

Something terrible happens.

Serenity6Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6 (Dark Horse)

Mal’s plan B — a plan he didn’t like when he made it — has gone into action, and the Serenity has come out of hiding. With his crew, one victim, and a hostage, Mal is ready to fight the Alliance head on — but first, they are going to rescue Zoe, no matter what!

SWLegact16Star Wars: Legacy #16 (Dark Horse)

Imperial Knight Jao Assam is awaiting execution, and Ania Solo is on a mission to intercede. But when it is discovered that Jao has escaped-with the Sith Darth Wredd-Ania has doubts about her friend. But she still has to rescue him, in case he isn’t a bad guy…

SWRebelHeist3Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3 (Dark Horse)

Han Solo is in an Imperial jail, and a crime boss has the information that will free him. Enter Chewbacca, who pounds and pummels his way through the mission, accompanied by an untrusting ex-Imperial who can’t understand a word Chewie says. Not that words matter much to a Wookiee on a rampage!

Transformers30Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #30 (IDW Publishing)

EVACUATION! Is it possible for a starship to object to its captain? That’s what the AUTOBOTS are asking MEGATRON as the Lost Light becomes the most dangerous place in the universe!

Vandroid5Vandroid #5 (Dark Horse)

Vandroid’s fiery vengeance rains down in honor of his creator’s memory! By becoming the hero he was never built to be, Vandroid fights to destroy the techno conspiracy that led to his own creation. But can he defeat his corporate enemies and their deadly new cyborg army? Nothing can prepare you for this explosive conclusion!

Xfiles13The X-Files: Season 10 #13 (IDW Publishing)

‘Black oil’ has returned and along with it, the long-dead double agent Alex Krycek. In order to solve the mystery of Krycek’s return, Mulder and Scully seek help from the Lone Gunmen, who seem to have trouble of their own.

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