Comedy Short Asks Why Anakin Skywalker Couldn’t Save His Mom

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

For Star Wars fans and non-fans alike, the saga definitely leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and half of them are about the inclusion of midi-chlorians and allowing the Antichrist to step in and play Jar Jar Binks. But there are some non-rage-fuelled questions hovering around as well, such as “Why didn’t Anakin go back earlier and save his mother from her life of slavery?” And while realistic answers lean toward that very act being forbidden by the Jedi code, better answers were pondered by the guys from p3pictures in the amusing webshort seen above.

Filmmaker Nathan Fairhurst put the video together with the help of co-writers Matt Ellis Andrew Echeverria and Jason Keene. Echeverria plays the confused Anakin Skywalker, who question his Jedi brethren as to why he couldn’t even “get a weekend off in ten years of Jedi service.” Clips from the actual films are interspersed throughout, though it’s mostly just Mace Windu shaking his head while Anakin complains. There’s also Darrell, the guy who is so nonchalant about Anakin’s questions that he just starts making some java in the middle of everything. And while it looks like using a coffee grinder and a percolator are just ways of getting on Anakin’s nerves, the coffee actually ties itself into the story. Just as Anakin makes his outlandish prediction that some other empire is going to step up and take over, another one of the faux Jedis lifts his coffee mug, which has the Mickey Mouse outline on it. And you can bet when Disney has run through all of the other Star Wars material, they’ll go back and make a movie about him trying to save his mother, and the cycle of art and life will be complete.

As far as Star Wars fan shorts go, this ranks right up there with Hughes the Force, but still far behind Star Wars Uncut.

Check out the green-screened outtakes below.

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