The Colony Trailer Makes Snowy Landscapes Scary Again

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

As a human being first, and a writer second, I tend to judge things at face value, especially in the entertainment field. So when I hear about a movie that has Lawrence Fishburne on a mission to save some of the Earth’s remaining survivors decades after a modern Ice Age wiped everyone else out, the corners of my mouth begin to tense and curl up, as if I’m smelling a large pile of rot. But even if that reaction holds true after I watch the actual feature, I am currently anticipating this film. Oh, what a trailer can do.

The international trailer and poster for the sci-fi thriller The Colony have arrived, and while it appears it will follow the narrative path that plenty of rescue-mission films have before, it may just surpass a lot of them in terms of quality. Stranger things have happened, right? Director Jeff Renfroe, who directed the decent thrillers One Point O and Civic Duty, has outdone himself in this dystopian world of unending snowfall. Check out the bravado-filled trailer below, and drink your cocoa before the marshmallow melts.

The Colony was co-written by Renfroe, Svet Rouskov, Patrick Tarr, and Pascal Trottier. It tells the story of underground colonies left as the last refuge for humanity after a widespread ice age has made the planet’s surface uninhabitable. When a neighboring colony sends out a distress signal, Fishburne leads his men, including Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers, to find out what the problem is. If anything, it’s like Event Horizon with snow replacing the emptiness of outer space. The presence of snow of course brings The Thing to mind, but I certainly hope there is a dearth of shapeshifters in this film.

Though the film is set for an April 12th release in Canada, no other international or local dates have been set yet. Even when they are, the lack of early promotion for this film will probably relegate it to VOD and limited theaters. Until then, we have this skillfully designed poster to stare at, and a clunky logline to consider.