Cloverfield Monster In Transformers 2!

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aprilfools4q0rk.jpgBig news from the production of Transformers 2. Michael Bay is planning to change things up a bit for the second movie, by adding an organic element into the mix.

Bay is apparently a big fan of JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield, and in a new interview with the Sun Herald Times Daily he revealed that he’s talked to Abrams about using the Cloverfield monster in his upcoming Transformers sequel. Bay says, “we can’t do the same thing over and over again. We’ve done the Decepticons, now it’s time for these characters to face an entirely new threat. When you make a sequel everything has to be bigger, better, more spectacular, and more unexpected. People loved Cloverfield, and I can’t think of any better way to make our sequel even bigger than by combining these two franchises together.”

The catch here is of course, that they’ll actually have to show us the monster if Optimus Prime and the gang are going to fight it. In Cloverfield the monster is rarely seen and half-hidden for most of the movie. You never really get a good look at it. Or at least that should be the catch. Bay goes on to admit that the monster may not be the only thing they borrow from Cloverfield. He continues, “In the first movie we told the story from Sam’s perspective, but this time we want to take it even further and try some of what Abrams’ did with Cloverfield on our movie. We’ve already fitted Shia with a specially mounted camera which he’ll wear during filming. Rather than simply telling the story from his perspective, this time we’re actually going to shoot the thing from his perspective as well.” Shaky cam, meet Transformers. Transformers meet shaky cam.