Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer Is Action Packed

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns to kick off its fifth year this September on Cartoon Network. To help pump you up for the upcoming season there’s a new trailer that shows you some things worth getting excited about.

The action in this is dark, exciting, and plentiful. It feels more like you’re watching Star Wars than anything in a while. This series always reminds me a little of the Star Wars books. They have the freedom to spiral away from the main plot, shoot off into lesser-known regions of the galaxy, and delve into stories that don’t get much attention in the films.

One thing for sure is that the tension and action is mounting, building towards something big. Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni told EW that, “There’s a lot of payoff coming…I think people are going to see ways The Clone Wars ties together more and more with A New Hope…We’re setting up elements that eventually become the Empire.”

Darth Maul is back, and it appears that he’s rather pissed off. He’s got a vicious agenda, and is gunning for both Obi-Wan and Count Dooku. Death Watch also returns, headed by Mandalorian terrorist Pre Vizsla (voiced by Iron Man director Jon Favreau). They’re going to wreak some havoc to be sure. In general it appears that season five of The Clone Wars is going kick a lot of ass, and dig deep into the world, history, and traditions of the Star Wars universe.