Clips And Images From Virtuality, Fox’s Original Sci-Fi Movie

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Late this month, Fox television is releasing one of the most original, made for television projects in recent memory. It’s a science fiction movie, written by Battlestar Galactica’s Ron Moore and directed by Peter Berg, of films like Friday Night Lights.

It takes place almost entirely in space which is, a rarity on television to begin with, and doesn’t seem to shy away from the heavy, sci-fi concepts that most networks usually avoid. Below we’ve got the official synopsis and a huge collection of clips from Virtuality for you. Read, watch, and make sure you check it out on June 26th at 8PM EST.

Synopsis: Aboard Earth’s first starship, the Phaeton, a crew of 12 astronauts is on the verge of embarking on an epic 10-year journey crucial to the survival of life on Earth. They have reached the “go” or “no go” point, the critical part of the journey where the crew must commit to traveling to a distant solar system millions of miles away. If they “go,” they cannot turn back.

Executive producers Ronald D. Moore (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) and Michael Taylor (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Trek: Voyager”) and director Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights,” “Hancock”) present VIRTUALITY, a breakthrough science-fiction thriller set in two very different universes: outer space and a seemingly limitless virtual reality.

To give the crew a measure of privacy as well as a vital recreational outlet on the long journey, the ship has been equipped with revolutionary virtual reality modules. Each crew member can assume adventurous, avatar-like identities as they explore self-created worlds and scenarios, or simply spend quality down time as themselves in the ultra-life-like simulators. From a war hero to a rock star to secret lovers on an island, these are their psychological lifelines, and each module’s unique setting was chosen by the crew member before departing Earth.

But there is a bug in the system.

As crew members go in and out of reality, they realize that a virus has entered their private world. Questions are raised, and suspicions fanned: Is someone on the crew responsible? When the interloper’s intrusions cross a violent and disturbing line, the ship’s commander makes a difficult decision to shut down the modules. But before he can, a tragic event threatens the mission. Is it an accident or a crime? Real or virtual? Whatever the case, it’s too late to turn back, so the group ventures forth into space, fearing that they may be harboring a person or presence determined to derail their vital mission. Meanwhile, tensions are heightened even further as surveillance cameras capture their every move for a reality series back on Earth.

From executive producers Ronald D. Moore, Michael Taylor, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey, this captivating original feature invites viewers to join the crew of the Phaeton on a journey into a near-future, one that is a heightened version of our own Internet- and entertainment-mediated reality. A journey that will become even more surprising with each new revelation.


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