Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Hell Unleashes New Clip, Photos, And Infographic

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Rolland Emmerich has orchestrated the end of the world numerous times before in films like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. He seems to like the cinematic destruction of civilization so much that he even executive produced director Tim Fehlbaum’s post-apocalyptic thriller, Hell.

The trailer for Hell appeared last week, and today brings a new clip and a collection of images from the film.

One thing you don’t want to happen after the collapse of polite society, where doctors and medical attention are readily available, is to be involved in any catastrophic accident, like a car crash. A serious wreck spells almost inevitable doom. Not only is there the potential for fatal injury, but they’re loud, and prone to attracting unwanted attention. This clip also reinforces that the worst thing after an apocalyptic event is going to be people. A helpful infographic breaks down ways that you can protect you and yours when the shit hits the fan. It addresses camouflage, food gathering, and many other basics that will facilitate your survival.

Heed these warnings, or you could end up like one of these broken, desperate, kidnapped, and otherwise very thirsty souls.

The basic premise of Hell is that the Sun has grown so bright that it renders the surface of the Earth nearly uninhabitable. Everything is scorched, desolate, and arid, as you can clearly see from this last picture.

Hell is already on DVD and Blu-ray in Europe, and the flick will get a U.S. release on August 21st.

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