What If Chunk From Goonies Was A Zombie?

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Haven’t you always wondered what Chunk from The Goonies would sound like if here bitten by a zombie, died, and them came back as a member of the flesh-eating undead? Would he still do the truffle shuffle? Would it still be as hilarious if he wanted to eat Mouth’s face? Wait, you don’t spend your free time wondering about stuff like that? Weird.

Whether you while away your unoccupied moments contemplating important philosophical questions like this or not, now, thanks to this video from Vulture, you can see what such a scenario might look like. They took zombie grunts, groans, mutters, and various chewing sounds from The Walking Dead and superimposed them on iconic characters from popular culture.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara said that they manufacture the sound effects in a sound booth by “three or four people circling a microphone making those noises. They circle for quite some time.” With the increased zombie presence in season three of The Walking Dead, you can bet that these sound guys have been extra busy this year.

And this video isn’t limited to adorable child stars from the 1980s. Popeye gets in on the act, as do the Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street, John Belushi, and more. The Blazing Saddles bit is priceless. Can’t you just imagine the scene: a swarm of zombies, tired from a day of chasing human prey, sitting around a fire, eating a big ol’ pot of brains, farting and laughing all night long. Oh, those wacky zombies, they have the sense of humor of a gang of stoned teenage boys.

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