Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Flick, Interstellar, Gets A Release Date

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


After the success of The Dark Knight Rises at the box office last year, Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors in Hollywood who has the creative freedom to make any movie he wants. Luckily, Christopher Nolan is going back to the science fiction genre with his new film, Interstellar. While the film isn’t in production yet, Warner Bros. and Paramount have announced the film’s release date.

Interstellar will arrive on November 7, 2014, in IMAX. With a release date so late in the year, it seems like Warner Bros. and Paramount are pushing Interstellar as an awards-season movie instead of a summer blockbuster.

There is still not much known about Interstellar’s narrative, but according to some reports, “The story involves time travel and alternate dimensions and sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole.” Christopher Nolan wrote the film with his brother Jonathan, who co-wrote The Dark Knight, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight Rises.

This isn’t the first time Christopher Nolan explored the science fiction genre. In 2010, he released Inception, which was very well received by general audiences and critics alike. It was nominated for a number of Academy Awards including Best Picture. Christopher Nolan’s long-time collaborator, Wally Pfister, won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for his work on the film.

While Pfister and Nolan are no longer working together as cinematographer and director, it will be very interesting to see how Christopher Nolan will do without Pfister’s amazing visual style. Wally Pfister’s directorial debut will be the science fiction film Transcendence, which will be released six months earlier on April 25, 2014.