Chris Pine Says The Sequel To Star Trek Will Not Be Like The Dark Knight

By Rudie Obias | Published

J.J. Abrams is notorious for his secrecy. He’s one of the few directors today that keeps a giant lid on his productions, his storylines, and his films. We don’t even know the official title of Star Trek 2. And although no one who worked on the sequel to Star Trek can say what the story is, they can certainly say what the story is not.

In an interview with the British magazine Total Film, actor Chris Pine stated, “We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.” This is a reference to Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight. The sequel film to Batman Begins¬†took the dark tone of the first film and went to an even darker place. Apparently Star Trek 2 will not be a grim, gritty, and dark tale of justice in an imperfect world. Pine divulged:

Like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one. The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect.

The sequel to Star Trek has been in the works since the first film did incredible business during the summer of 2009. It is slated to be one of the most anticipated films of 2013 and will see new additions to the cast including British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who will play the villain of the sequel. At this point, it is unclear who that villain will be, but there is a possibility it may be the iconic Khan or Gary Mitchell.

The sequel to Star Trek will hit theaters on May 17th 2013 in IMAX 3D.