How Much Is Chris Pine Paid To Play Kirk?

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Chris Pine has been a hot commodity in Hollywood ever since he stepped into the shoes of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot as a virtual unknown. But have you ever wondered what exactly somebody gets paid to take over an iconic role like Kirk? Now, thanks to a lawsuit Pine’s former agency, SDB Partners, has filed against the actor, you have a chance to find out.

In the suit, SDB Partners claims that Pine owes commission for a number of roles they secured for him (or roles they somehow made it possible for him to get). In doing so, they lay out Pine’s negoiated compensations for the films since he really broke onto the scene:

  • Star Trek (2009) – optioned for three films, with an (alleged) $1.5 million paycheck for the first film and $500,000 backend compensation should it do well enough for a second. Pine’s salary doubles to $3 million for the second film (currently in production), with the same $500,000 in backend if there’s a third. There’s also 5% earnings on any merchandise bearing his image.
  • Unstoppable (2010) – $3 million
  • Paramount’s upcoming Jack Ryan films – another three-film option, but with $4 million for the first film, $8 million for the second, and $12 million for the third (plus an unspecified backend)
  • This Means War (2012) – $5 million, with “up to $1 million in deferred compensation based on box office”

You can read more about the lawsuit over on The Hollywood Reporter, including the email Pine sent to break it off with SDB. The agency claims it’s an abrupt and unwarranted termination, but it sounds pretty reasonable. I guess it’s not really in your best interest to attest to the reasonability of the person you’re suing for hundreds of thousands of dollars, though.

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