Chewbacca Will Re-Enact The Star Wars Holiday Special On Glee

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

There’s not much anyone could do to Star Wars anymore, that’s worse than what George Lucas has already done to it. I’m not talking about the prequels, our beloved Star Wars characters have been through much worse…. like the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The show was broadcast in its entirety only once, back in 1978, and it was so horrible that Lucasfilm has made it their mission to erase all trace of its existence ever since. And now Glee is bringing it back.

The popular Fox television show is spending its Christmas Special this year by engaging in a tribute to the Star Wars Holiday Special, among other things. They’ve even convinced Chewbacca to show up. Chewie won’t be singing, but maybe they’ll get him to do some tap dancing or something.

Watch Chewie relive his worst moments on December 13th, when the Glee Christmas ep airs.

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