Chemical Reactions Turned Into Dubstep

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Boy in a Band is a music vlog run by young British music producer David Brown, of the band You and What Army. He’s a talented guy who’s interested in showing people how they too can become adept at creating music. He joined up with the YouTube channel Periodic Videos to create the above musical excellence, simply called Chemical Dubstep. Chemical Brothers fans, I’m sorry to disappoint.

It helps that Brown was already proficient in creating electronic music, as the sounds of science don’t really lend themselves to neo-folk or country ballads. We didn’t want to show you that kind of music anyway. The video is essentially a medley of chemical reactions — a shitload of chemical reactions — all edited together and looped into the general pattern of a dubstep song. Admittedly, it took until the video was about halfway through and the familiar wobbly bass kicked in that I actually realized that it was dubstep. Perhaps this is due to my own unfamiliarity with the genre. But as someone who has made a few hip-hop beats from found sounds before, I’m blown away by how good the entire arrangement sounds, and I’m quite jealous that he had a laboratory’s worth of sounds to create this jam with.

Considering most of the music videos we show on this site are parodies or sci-fi related, rarely does science come into it. (Just because we recently posted this video doesn’t make that statement less true.) [Don’t forget the Symphony of Science awesomeness! – Ed.]

If you’d like to see how Dave and Adam, the video editor, put the video together, check out the making-of feature below, and remember that everything around you is music. Especially the parts that burst into flame.