Check Out The First Of Six Revoution Animated Webisodes

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, about a world with no electricity, is in the middle of a different kind of blackout. The show has already been on hiatus since the midseason finale, “Nobody’s Fault Mine,” on November 26th, and we still won’t see new episodes until March 25th. Thankfully, the network has decided to throw fans a bone, and hopefully maintain their fledgling interest, in the form of animated webisodes. Here’s the first one, “Wheatley’s Letters: May 7th.”

The first episode debuted today, and EW reports that they will run through February 18th. Each of the six short installments will be based on the letters of Joseph Wheatley (Reed Diamond). You may remember him from the episode “Kashmir.” He’s the rebel commander who led Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Aaron (Zac Orth), and company into those airtight tunnels where they all started hallucinating and almost died.

Instead of being an actual rebel, it turned out that Wheatley was working for the Monroe Militia. In this introductory chapter, we learn exactly how he found himself in that position. He wasn’t placed there by direct orders; it was more of a fortuitous accident for Monroe (David Lyons) and his forces, one that the devious little rat chose to take full advantage of.

New animated chapters will appear weekly on, YouTube, On Demand, and Hulu. If this two-minute blip is any indication, these webisodes will be just enough for Revolution fans to get a taste of something new, but NBC is also going to try to satiate viewers further. The entire first half of the season will be online February 25th so fans can catch up, and they will also post a version of the pilot with commentary by creator/showrunner Eric Kripke and executive producer Jon Favreau.