Check Out The Pilot For NBC’s Parallel Worlds Series, Awake

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Network TV is increasingly being overshadowed by the amazing quality of cable shows such as Breaking Bad, but the creaky old networks do still manage to sneak something good onto the airwaves in between gluts of reality programming now and then. By all accounts, NBC’s upcoming parallel worlds series Awake might be one of those happy exceptions. While the show doesn’t premiere for another week yet, NBC has made the smart decision to post the entire pilot online so viewers can sample it and, hopefully, spend that week building good buzz. You can check out Awake‘s pilot episode via the embed below.

So what is Awake all about? Jason Isaacs, best known for playing a string of right bastards in movies such as The Patriot and the Harry Potter series, takes a turn as a nice guy, playing a cop recovering from a horrific car accident. While Michael (Isaacs) survived the wreck, it took the life of his wife. Or his son. He’s a little unclear on that, because he finds himself switching back and forth between two seemingly contradictory realities: one where his wife is dead but his son survived, and another where those roles are reversed. Is Michael just imagining one of the realities as a way to cope? If so, which is the real world? Or are they both real, and Michael has genuinely become “unstuck” in time and space? Awake has a heady premise and a talented leading man; now we just have to see how well it all comes together. Here’s the pilot for Awake. The series premieres next week, Thursday, March 1st, at 10/9c.

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