Walking Dead Comic Con Poster

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

It looks like someone’s moving up in the world. When the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead first made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, the panel was held in the very small Room 6BCF. The next year, The Walking Dead panel was moved to the big room for TV shows, Ballroom 20 and now, at the height of their popularity The Walking Dead panel will take place at the big kid’s table in Hall H.

San Diego Comic-Con released the above poster for The Walking Dead panel taking place on July 13th at 1:25PM. The poster features a grizzled looking Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and new additions to the season three cast and fan favorites Michonne (Danai Gurira) and The Governor (David Morrissey). Danai Gurira as Michonne looks badass! She’s wielding her iconic samurai sword with her two zombie “companions” in the background. The Governor is holding out his hand in a deceptively alluring way. Maybe the TV series version of The Governor will be more mentally manipulative (think Ben Linus from Lost) than how he’s depicted in the graphic novel as physically dominant.

The panel will feature the entire cast of The Walking Dead, showrunner Glen Mezzara, graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and special effects make-up god Greg Nicotero. There will also be an autograph session (with the longest line imaginable) and photo opportunities with Michonne and her zombie “pets.” There’s an exclusive preview of The Walking Dead season three, which will be most likely an extended trailer.

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