Check Out This Early Design For Star Wars’ Sandcrawler

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Some of the most fascinating footnotes in SF history are the might-have-beens. Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz. Christopher Walken as Han Solo. Alien 3 written by William Gibson. And while those are some of the more infamous examples, the web of alternate possibilities cascades down through almost every element of some of the science fiction films we know and love. For instance, the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars at one point looked like this:

Kind of looks more like something the Sand People would drive, but that may just be because the top looks kind of like one of their heads. That pic comes via the addictive blog of filmmaker Gavin Rothery, the same source for those amazing Dune and Blade Runner pics we’ve posted in recent weeks. According to Rothery, this early look for the Sandcrawler was created by Colin Cantwell, and was actually based on an unused NASA moon-rover design. And while the design might be practical in the real world, it doesn’t have quite the iconic appeal as the final design, created by the legendary Ralph McQuarrie.

Rothery has also posted several great shots of the ‘crawler under construction and during filming. Makes you long for the days when all this stuff involved more than a computer and a green screen, no?