Check Out This Decked Out Star Wars-Themed Truck

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

How far are you willing to take your fandom? For one Iowa resident, he’s willing to be seen with the Dark Lord of the Sith, everywhere. Iowan Trey Laymon turned his 2010 Ford Raptor into a Star Wars Death Star on wheels by “tricking” it out with Star Wars themed artwork and Imperial decals.

Trey Laymon – who is an Assistant Manager at an Oskaloosa, Iowa Wal-Mart – with his wife Nancy, had turned their Ford truck into a symbol of their love for the Star Wars Saga. From the looks of it, the Laymons are firmly on the side of the Galactic Empire. Its evil logo sits proudly on the truck doors, while Stormtroopers guard one side of the Ford. Darth Vader rests on the other with his lightsaber in-hand ready to taunt would-be passersby. The Dark Lord of the Sith also sits on the truck’s hood with a Mustafar background that almost covers the entire ride. The tailgate depicts a panoramic portrait of all the main characters from all six Star Wars movies. Inside the truck bed is a replica of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. Even the “Vader77” license plate is Star Wars themed. Check out the pictures of the epic Ford Raptor:

Trey and Nancy Laymon had created a Facebook group page to give Star Wars fans info on the whereabouts of their Galactic truck. The couple recently got the chance to meet George Lucas and Peter Mayhew and showed off their new Ford at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida. The Star Wars Raptor makes appearances at various Star Wars conventions and get-togethers across the country where fans can get their pictures taken with it.

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