Check Out These Two Chappie Clips Burn The World To Ash

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

The hot news of the past day or so has to be that Neill Blomkamp is going to direct a new Alien movie, which is, admittedly, pretty damn awesome. But well before that, we still have his robot drama Chappie coming down the pipe shortly. It looks like an action packed combination of RoboCop and Short Circuit, and now we’ve got two new clips to check out.

In a dystopian near future (is there any other kind?), the government uses a robotic police force to oppress the masses. When an inventor, Deon (Dev Patel), steals one of these robotic police officers and creates the world’s first thinking robot, it could wind up being the savior of the human race. But as with anything new and different, there are those who want to stop this.

Chappie also stars Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver, who, as you can see by this first clip, are very much on the side invested in keeping things the way they are. This not only reveals bits and pieces of the world, but it also shows off how well Blomkamp integrates the special effects into the movie. Whatever your stance on his movies, he has a cool, gritty visual style, not to mention that Jackman’s robot looks suspiciously like a flying ED-209.

Clip number two shows off how the other half lives, illustrating life on the streets, the disparity between classes, and just how the mechanical police force is used to keep people under their boots. As you can see from this, the action looks solid—anytime you have thugs using rocket launchers to blow up robots, that’s just dandy with us—even if some of the first person robotic perspective stuff does look a wee bit too videogamey. As long as they don’t overuse that and keep it somewhat in check, I’m okay with that.

Chappie opens two weeks from tomorrow on March 6.