Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made Alien Poster

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Maybe no one can hear your scream when you’re in space, but when you look at this awesome fan-made poster for Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror sci-fi classic Alien, you better get your giggling under control or it will start to annoy the people around you. Okay, you might not giggle, but this image is cool enough that you’ll want a framed print of your own hanging on your wall.

This is a product of Australian comic book writer and Deviant Art user Tristan Jones. He’s worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among other titles, and, as you can see, is also a budding artist. Jones did enlist some help with the colors, which were ably handled by Luis Antonio Delgado.

Jones’ artwork captures the overall aesthetic and feel that Scott and company created in Alien. The image reflected in the glass visor of the space suit is creepy, ominous, and you just know that someone is about to get their face mated with by something slime-covered and wriggly.

You can also tell that the creators have a background in comic books. The colors and the intricate details on the suit practically scream that’s where they honed their particular set of skills. You could easily imagine this standing in as the cover of a graphic novel adaptation of Scott’s film, or perhaps a spin-off like Dark Horse’s Aliens vs. Predators franchise. The comics were way sweet, and should not to be confused with the abominations that were the movies. Many of us are still trying to forget that those happened.

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