Charlize Theron Reveals Mad Max: Fury Road Start Date

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Remember the other day when we wrote about how Tom Hardy still didn’t know when the long gestating Mad Max: Fury Road would begin filming? Apparently Charlize Theron does. Talking with MTV, the star revealed that production is scheduled to begin June 2nd. It’s about damn time.

George Miller’s revamping of his own post-apocalyptic franchise—the franchise that helped make Mel Gibson a household name—began preproduction in 2009, and was slated to start shooting in 2010. Then freakishly severe rains, were talking Noah’s Ark type stuff here, hit the area of Australia where filming was to take place. There have been fitful starts and stops ever since.

Both Hardy and Theron have flipped their shooting schedules around multiple times due to their commitments to Fury Road. At one point Theron was going to be the lead in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but turned that down and wound up in a smaller role because she was supposed to film the Mad Max update.

Theron is busy promoting her various projects at the moment. Before Prometheus invades US theaters June 8th, she will appear as the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman on June 1st, opposite Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. She was able to do both films, as well as Jason Reitman’s Young Adult, in the middle of the Fury Road delays. In the interview she talks a bit about the script, rehearsal during the original period of preproduction, and the fact that her character may be missing an arm.

Who knows if this second start date will take. I’ll believe it when I see it. But at least things are moving forward and there is lots of talk.