CBS Films Picks Up Alien-Tinged Script Omega Point

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Mr. BurnsBoy, if I had to think about all the things I’ve found in the woods over the years, I could fill a book. Or at least a healthy stack of police reports. But never have I stumbled across anything life-changing or newsworthy. At least, not according to this police report.

An interesting woodsy discovery is the subject of a sci-fi screenplay written by first-time screenwriter Cameron Alexander. The film is titled Omega Point, and it has been optioned by CBS Films. Producing the film is Sidney Sherman and his Rosa Entertainment, whose last film was the 2006 thriller Lonely Hearts with John Travolta. Apparently I was mentally checked out when that movie was in theaters, because I don’t remember it at all.

The plot centers around a young man who is bumbling through the woods and finds a mysterious crash site. He then discovers “a god-like artificial intelligence agent desperate to escape Earth” and befriends it. So does that mean it’s more computer or robot than alien? Or is it both, like Ash from Alien would be to another species? Is he friendly like E.T.? Could you tie him to a tree? Actually, it sounds a little too much like that big-eyed Reese’s lover, but considering it’s an indie project, there will probably be a few noticeable differences.

The 25-year-old Alexander has directed a few music videos — including “Cry Wolf” from Kristinia DeBarge, which I’m sure all you readers know by heart — and would like to direct this feature as well, but “for now, he knows that writing is the way to make the inroads.” Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever read a new writer’s intentions within a Hollywood Reporter article before. In any case, we wish Alexander all the luck, assuming his project is a tad more memorable than that shitty alien flick currently in theaters.