The CAT-AT: The Pinnacle Of Luxury For Star Wars-Loving Cats

By David Wharton | Published

Are you a die-hard fan of Star Wars? Do you own a cat? Do you want your cat to live inside a pun-based construct that will make you giggle but have little to no effect on the cat itself? Then, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the CAT-AT.

The CAT-AT is the work of Reddit poster BillyAppletini, who built the contraption as a present for a cat-owning buddy of his. You can see more pictures of the CAT-AT’s construction in Billy’s Imgur gallery…or you could if it wasn’t currently over bandwidth. This thing made it to BoingBoing and is currently going viral like a boss, so hopefully the gallery will start working again once things calm down. If so, the gallery also contains rudimentary plans for how to build your very own CAT-AT.

And hey, the external appearance may be fun for Star Wars-loving cat owners, but the interior is pretty damn luxurious when it comes to cat cribs.

In the original post, Billy says, “I wouldn’t consider myself a great woodworker or an artist — but I will take credit for being committed to a joke.” Damn right, Billy. You take every bit of that credit. The Force is strong with you.