The Cast Of Red Dwarf Wants To Crossover With Doctor Who

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

There are many questions that science fiction fans have to ask themselves. For example, what’s better than Red Dwarf? Or perhaps, what’s better than Doctor Who? The answer to both of these questions is “not much.” But (you sensed the but coming, didn’t you?) what if these two sci-fi superpowers were to join forces in some unholy genre mega-crossover? If the cast of Red Dwarf has their druthers, they’d certainly like something like that to happen.

While this occurrence is a wholly unlikely pipe dream, Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules, who play Dave Lister and Cat, respectively, have both expressed their wishes to see some Doctor on the Dwarf.

Talking to RadioTimes, Charles said, “I think it’d be great if, for one scene, we could be beaming somewhere and suddenly we’d be on the Tardis with the Doctor. Then we could shake our heads, say ‘nah’ and just beam back out again.” That totally seems like the quirky kind of stunt that Red Dwarf likes to pull.

John-Jules has an equally fun, equally feasible idea to incorporate the two shows. “I think Doug Naylor should write in one of the old Doctors,” he said. “Sylvester McCoy or someone. And then we could have an episode with one of those guys in it. It would be funny.”

Wouldn’t that be a blast, to see one of the classic Doctors pop up on deck of Red Dwarf? Maybe he could be some sort of rogue simulant with a vengeful streak, roaming the wastes of deep space.

Doctor Who is in the midst of the seventh series of the current incarnation, while the first new episodes of Red Dwarf since the 2009 miniseries Back to Earth are set to begin airing on October 4th.