Does Your Car Insurance Cover Lightsaber Damage?

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Collateral damage is one of the hidden hazards of Jedi battles. A subject not often discussed, these epic, sprawling duels have resulted in many innocent casualties and much wanton property damage over the years. Here’s an important question everyone should ask: will your insurance cover you, should you, or your property, sustain damage as a result of one these clashes?

For example, say two Jedi Knights are fighting in a parking lot. One Jedi hacks off the other Jedi’s hand, and the severed appendage, lightsaber still in its grasp, goes flying towards your car. Should said lightsaber wind up cutting through your car like warm butter, you may not be covered under a more conventional policy. One Singapore-based insurance company, however, is changing all of that.

When you sign up for something called DriveShield, you get a free in-car camera, one that will, according to this commercial, capture all sorts of wacky incidents, including errant lightsaber fights.

You may assume that lightsaber damage will be covered under DriveShield. This commercial certainly implies that is the case. However, insurance policies are notoriously convoluted, and insurance companies are notorious for trying to weasel their way out of paying for everything they can. So, if you’re specifically looking for lightsaber coverage, you might want to examine your policy, just to confirm that you are covered in such a situation.

This is a brilliant piece of marketing, and taps into entire generations of Star Wars fans, just itching to buy some new car insurance.

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