Candid Star Wars Pics Show The Lighter Side Of Lucas’ Iconic Series

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

There’s been a steady flow of fascinating behind-the-scenes images showing up lately, providing unique looks at the production of such noteworthy SF films as Blade Runner, Dune, and the Star Wars films. Now the UK’s Daily Mail has posted a batch of shots taken during the filming of the original trilogy, and these images highlight a facet of filmmaking that is sometime overlooked in the search for alternate takes or rare footage: it can be a lot of fun.

According to the Daily Mail, the pictures are part of a set that will be making an appearance at a Florida convention this coming August, and from the look of things there will be plenty to gawk at. In addition to shots of the cast goofing around between takes, we also get to see Leia make good on that jibe to Han about what she’d rather kiss than him.

Given the shot of the Gamorrean, it also raises the question of whether there’s any species Leia wouldn’t lock lips with. And while we’re throwing out hypotheticals, I wonder if that poor tauntaun had any idea she was soon destined to become Luke’s makeshift sleeping bag…

You can check out the rest of the images over at the Daily Mail.